About Us

Camp Sikh Virsa first opened its doors in 1994 as Camp FATEH and, since then, hundreds of campers, counselors, and parents have been inspired.

What: A weekend long Gurmat camp that occurs twice a year.
When: Thanksgiving and Memorial Day weekends.
Where: Professionally run youth campsites in Southeastern Wisconsin.


-To learn, understand, and promote Gurmat as embodied in the Guru Granth Sahib.
-To promote a disciplined Sikh way of life as comprised in the Rehat Maryada.
-To learn and seek inspiration from Sikh History.
-To preserve the principles of Sikh Sovereignty.
-To promote the Sikh spirit of activism.

Teaching Philosophy

Camp Sikh Virsa attempts to teach and inspire children through workshops and activity-based learning.  These activities are fun-filled and creative, providing a brief spark and lesson in humanity. When combined with the efforts of parents and the community, there is a possibility of long-term positive change.  Thus, we refer to parents as the leaders of their children’s growth as young Sikhs.

Each camp, a central theme is chosen; a Guru, personality, historical event, Nit Nem, Bani, or Gurmat concept.  All activities and lessons revolve around this theme and a shabad is chosen to reflect it.  Divaans focus on singing, discussing and reflecting upon this shabad.  Our goal by the end of camp is for the campers to sing and understand this shabad and theme.

Camp Sikh Virsa utilizes innovative methods to teach children in ways that are familiar to them.  Creative exercises in learning such as reading, writing, speaking, theatre, video, and art are utilized to introduce concepts.

Our instructors are dynamic, active, young Sikhs who have been through the same schools, society, and culture as the campers and can relate to them both as Sikhs and as Western youth.  We strive to recruit not only those who have a passion for working with Sikh children, but also those who have a desire to learn more about the Guru’s way.